24 HR/30 DAYS

24 HR/


A Final Announcement

As you read this, the local churches in the Lord’s recovery have concluded an unprecedented period of 24/7 global prayer, beginning April 1 and ending May 30, 2020. In all, over 13,700 saints signed up on unceasinglypray.org to pray in 15-minute time slots, covering every minute of the day and representing every inhabited time zone in the world. We also received reports of many, many more who were praying faithfully all over the earth without signing up; in fact, we believe that the total number of saints participating was well over 50,000.


“In the New Testament the temple of God is composed of priests who pray, that is, burn the incense. Therefore, the temple must be a temple of prayer (Luke 19:46). The built-up church is a house of prayer. This is not doctrine, nor is it an opinion. This is the requirement for the building up of the church. Some saints must rise up in a practical way to carry out the priestly service of entering the Holy Place and burning the incense; that is, there must be some who will rise up to pray. Otherwise, it will not be possible to build the church.

In the churches we lack saints who are willing to carry out the priestly service of burning the incense before God. The Lord has enlightened us so that we would meet this need.”

—Witness Lee, The Exercise of the Spirit and the Building of God